Slowly Slowly & Bec Stevens

New Music Monday – 2 Dec 2019

New music hitting our playlists this week includes new Louis Tomlinson, Client Liaison, Bombay Bicycle Club, Slowly Slowly and more.

So, do you remember our issue with Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar last week? Well, we’re pleased to announce that Louis Tomlinson hasn’t followed his ex-bandmate in ruining a perfectly good song with an annoyingly repetitive chorus.  Don’t Let It Break Your Heart is the fourth single from his upcoming album Walls scheduled for release on 31 January 2020.

Speaking of singers who used to be a part of famous bands, Ally Brooke took time off her Dancing with the Stars schedule to drop the catchy, if somewhat generic, No Good.  And we’re just going to say that even if The Weeknd‘s Blinding Lights isn’t about his feelings for Bella Hadid, we still love it. It’s got that upbeat, laidback feel that’s perfect for summer.  After all, not all songs have to be about real-life (we’re looking at you Taylor).

Heading back to the Australian music scene, it’s now apparent that something other than amazing live music came out of Slowly Slowly’s Smile Lines tour.  Featuring Adelaide’s Bec Stevens, ‘Safety Switch’ is the rock duet you want to belt out while you’re driving around trying to figure out if your relationship is healthy or not.

And yes, we may have added Maala’s Fire Burning just for the title.

Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

PS – if you’ve been impacted by or are having a rough time handling what’s going on with the fires at the moment don’t forget UNE’s got your back with their counselling service and student support.  You can also talk to Advocacy and Welfare.

Banner image from Slowly Slowly’s facebook page