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Auditions for ARTS’ Rehearsed Reading of “Charley’s Aunt”

TuneFM is once again on the lookout for actors to join in the next upcoming Armidale Radio Theatre Society production, Charley’s Aunt.

The Armidale Radio Theatre Society (ARTS for short) was a project started by student Jake Hunt in 2019, with performances including The Importance of Being Earnest, Twelfth Night, and most recently A Christmas Carol (all of which can be found on most podcasting platforms).


This year, student Nick Troon is back in the directors seat completing the final unit of his degree with this production, but with a twist.  For this play, rather than being in the studio, Nick’s combining the benefits of stage and radio with a live production at the UNE’s Bistro.  On Thursday the 5th September, 10 actors will take to the stage and perform this script as a rehearsed reading in front of a live audience.  There will be no blocking but the actors will bring the script to life through energy and character.


But what’s the play actually about? 

Written in 1892 by Brandon Thomas, Charley’s Aunt follows two lovestruck boys attempting to propose to their respective loves.  Trouble blocks their way in the form of the girls’ melancholic guardian Sir Stephen Spettigue.  As so, the boys need to concoct a plot to get the girls away from their guardians glare and do so in hilarious fashion.  The play features mistaken identity, love, and plenty of laughs.


Who can audition?

As briefly mentioned, we’re looking for 10 actors to fill our roles, all ranging in personality and gender.  Our first pick from the auditionees will be UNE students, followed by UNE staff, and then Armidale community members.  So whilst all may apply UNE students will be prioritised.  Unfortunately, due to the final performance being on-campus we are restricting this opportunity to those in the Armidale area (but watch out for other opportunities to join online in the future).


Our roles include:


  • (Lead) Jack Chesney – Our protagonist. Early 20’s male.  A flamboyant schemer in love with Kitty.
  • (Lead) Charley Wykham – The best friend. Early 20’s male.  A shy and honest man who sincerely loves Amy.
  • (Supporting) Fancourt Babberly – The thespian. Any age, male.  A crazy over-the-top actor who gets caught up in Jack’s plot, posing as Donna Lucia Salvador.
  • (Supporting) Amy Spettigue – The smart love interest. Early 20’s female.  A girl who knows what she’s doing, quick-witted & smart.  Daughter of Stephen and in love with Charley.
  • (Supporting) Kitty Verdun – The airheaded heiress. Early 20’s female.  A silly girl who’s sometimes slow to pick things up, but not dumb.  An heiress under Spettigue’s guard and head over heels for Jack.
  • (Supporting) Brassett – The sarcastic butler. Any age & gender.  The classic butler interjecting at the most awkward of times.
  • (Featured) Sir Francis Chesney – Jack’s father. Late 20’s upwards, male.  Noble but broke, a loving father to Jack with some of the same tendencies.
  • (Featured) Sir Stephen Spettigue – Amy’s father. Late 20’s upwards, male.  An obnoxious lawyer with a villainous energy.
  • (Featured) Donna Lucia Salvador – Charley’s aunt. Late 20’s upwards, female. A wealthy commanding presence with a calm yet firm nature.
  • (Featured) Ela Salvador – Donna’s sidekick. Early 20’s, female.  An orphan adopted by Donna, with a lot of vitality about her.


Actors outside of the written age and gender will be accepted, these guidelines are purely to provide an idea of character (after all we’re performing radio theatre, look isn’t really an aspect 😅).


How Can I Audition?

Auditions are open from today (5th) until the 22nd July (11:59pm).


For your audition we will ask you to send us a recording of your voice reading one of the parts in any of the script excerpts below.


Jack & Brassett



Amy & Kitty

Donna & Ela


Sir Francis


If you wish you can audition for multiple characters, just make sure to note this on your form.  Speaking of, once you’ve recorded your audition, send it through with your details to this form


Note, the rehearsal process will include scheduled rehearsals once to twice a week, with a final rehearsal in our virtual campus on Wednesday 4th September and a live reading at the Bistro on Thursday 5th September.  After the final performance an edited recording of the night will go live across TuneFM on the 16th September (though actors will not need to be available for this date).


And that’s the show, if you have any further questions, contact Nick Troon at or 6773 1064.

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