Keeping you connected to UNE

As students, we know how hard it can be to feel like part of a community. Especially when you’re studying alone at your desk. With over 25,000 students studying on campuses and at homes throughout Australia and around the world – our goal is to keep you in the loop.

The crew at Tune!FM work with the aim of connecting students, staff and alumni 24/7. We are a line of communication for you – we strive to keep you connected with what’s happening at UNE, and across the world.

Over the last 50 years, we’ve continually worked to update our technology and content to be relevant to our student cohort and for students today, that means giving you a way to feel connected as a student no matter where you’re studying from.

You can stream us live as we keep you up to date with important news, talk to your favourite lecturers about what’s going on in the world, and remind you about those important dates in the University calendar (such as census dates and enrollment deadlines) all tied together with a range of incredible tunes.


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Let’s get a little constructive

Here at Tune!FM, we practice “constructive journalism”. We intentionally don’t focus only on the negative or the sensational, but instead, we look at the work that is happening and the solutions being presented.

We’re not looking to only report the good news, that’s neither desirable nor realistic. But a lot of people are out there looking for solutions to problems the world is facing and we think you should know about them.  We want to highlight research and topics that may not have made it to the mainstream news channels, and keep you informed about the research happening by community organisations, academics and scientists around the world.


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