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Anita Brown & Bruce Menzies on “Crazy for You” & Community Theatre

Welcome to Behind the Curtain with Nick Troon the show where we sit down with theatre practitioners and get a backstage look at the creative process.

On today’s episode we sit down with Anita Brown & Bruce Menzies, the director and musical director for the Armidale Drama & Musical Society’s 2024 musical, Crazy for You.

Anita & Bruce both bring with them a wealth of experience in community theatre and as so we’ll be talking about the team behind the production, the musical and it’s history, the particular challenges and strengths of this show, as well as the features of working with a Gershwin musical.

Crazy for You, is running at the TAS Hoskins Centre from July 12th to 20th.

Tickets are on sale now, so for more details visit

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