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Mitch Tambo on Walanbaa Youth Tour

Gamilaraay artist Mitch Tambo joins us in the studio to discuss the importance of cultural diversity and connecting kids to culture. The 2019 The Voice finalist is also a qualified social worker, and his Walanbaa Youth Tour travelled to schools in the New England region this month, empowering kids to make strong positive choices in their lives.

Born in Sydney, Mitch was raised in Tamworth and is well acquainted with the local area. Following his success, and playing stadiums across the world, Mitch and his team created the Walanbaa Youth Tour, to give back to the next generation.

Mitch calls this ‘soul work’ and it’s the purpose behind the tour that keeps him going. Despite driving all across the country, and long, 18 hour days, getting to rock out with the kids is a highlight. Walanbaa means ‘strong’ in the Gamilaraay language, and that message is at the heart of the tour – teaching kids to be strong in their sense of self and identity. But it’s not just for Aboriginal kids either – kids of every background are invited to attend, and learn and grow.

A big part of the Youth Tour is the incorporation of pop music, and traditional styles of dance. Music, Mitch says, transcends everything. “It’s a beautiful tool to use to allow kids – and humans in general – to connect, to reflect, and to propel themselves in the net chapter of their life.”

“Even if you’re not someone that goes to concerts, or you claim you don’t like music, there’s still a soundtrack to your life. There’s still certain songs that trigger certain memories and moments. So, music is a great tool. Even if you don’t identify it as a tool, it’s a part of our life.”

Image credit: Mitch Tambo/Permission PR