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New Music Monday – 11 March 2024

New week, new hits here on TuneFm’s New Music Monday! This week our new music playlist features songs from artists such as Girl In Red, Conan Grey, Kingfishr, and Electric Fields. 


Artist: Girl In Red

Girl In Red has released another song from her upcoming sophomore album titled ‘I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!’. The song ‘DOING IT AGAIN BABY’ is a self-love anthem with a kick ass vibe. On her Instagram the artist shared her love for this track, calling it “The most playful and fun track” she’s made.

Her upcoming album will be released on April 12th, featuring ten new tracks. This new album comes with an exciting world tour, with dates released so far across the US and Europe. Make sure not to miss out on hearing this new hit live <3

Song: One Milkali (One Blood)

Artist: Electric Fields

Electric fields have released a beautiful new single, ‘One Milkali (One Blood)’. This upbeat track is sung in English, and the aboriginal languages, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara. The duo is excited to be representing Australia at Eurovision later this year!

“We are buzzed with euphoria at our chance to share this music with the world. Our music comes from the deepest place in both of us and Eurovision is the most exciting opportunity to bring together our cultures and share the joy of our global connection.”

Song: Alley Rose

Artist: Connan Grey

‘Alley Rose’ is the fifth pre-release from Conan Grey’s Upcoming album, ‘Found Heaven’. The singer teased acoustic snippets of the song on his socials, building excitement for this release. This emotional ballad follows a tale of longing to be close to someone, with a mix of Elton John and David Bowie vibes.

Conan Grey is heading on a world tour in July, gifting Aussie fans with shows in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Tickets are on sale now!

Song: Superstar

Artist: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Alternative rock indie band Rainbow Kitten Surprise has dropped their newest song, ‘Superstar’, after teasing it on YouTube a few days ago. The song is the second release from their highly anticipated 4th album, which has been 6 years in the making, and could have over 15 songs.

The band expressed their gratitude to their fans when teasing this new song, “Thank you for still being here. You’re our superstars.”

Song: Shadow

Artist: Kingfishr

‘Shadow’ is the latest release by Irish Folk group Kingfishr. The EP contains a song of the same name, along with 3 new tracks and a rework of their first ever release ‘flowers-fire’.

“Shadow speaks to some tough feelings we’ve been holding on to. Writing it feels like finally coming to peace with this part of us. We love Shadow. We love this EP. We love you all.”

Our New music playlist this week also features hits from artists such as Lane Pittman, Beddy Rays, Alfie Templeman, and Blessed.

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