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Screen Time Reviews Anyone But You

Tonight on Screen Time… Anyone But You!

Directed by Will Gluck, Anyone But You follows ex-flings Bea and Ben as they reconnect at a destination wedding. Rated MA15+, the film is primarily set in and around Sydney. David found the portrayal of Sydney quite good, saying it reminded him of when he visited himself.

“That is cool if a movie can do that. Makes you feel special to have also experienced it yourself. The lights in the background and the vague reflections created an amazing shot.”

Shakespeare fans may notice a similarity to one of his plays, as Anyone But You is based around Much Ado About Nothing. One important theme that David notes is present is that communication is key.

“In love, in life. Communicate. Be honest. Communication is the key to a good relationship and is the key to end one. What’s better than communicating? Finding out the interests of people, past experiences, dumb purchase skills etc. Saying I love you. To understand your friend, family or partner. Communication. So you can build together, move together, work together.”

As a fan of RomComs, David admits he’s slightly biased towards liking this film.

“I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the chemistry, the jokes and the plot were funny. The shots were wild. It was a fun watch. Australia was an entertaining plot device.”