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New Music Monday – 22 January 2024

New Music Monday! Here’s a look at all the fresh tunes being added to TuneFM this week! Featuring artists such as X Ambassadors, Joan & The Giants, and Asha Jefferies. 

Song: No Strings

Artist: X Ambassadors

American pop rock band X Ambassadors released their newest single on Friday, called ‘No Strings’. The soft melody contradicts the overarching themes of rebellion and recklessness. The lyrics speak of craving freedom and independence when wanting to escape a mundane life.

No strings to hold me down, feeling so high, we don’t need wings to fly.”

Song: Beautiful Eyes 

Artist: Amy Shark

Amy Shark has released ‘Beautiful Eyes’, and says it’s her favorite song she’s ever written. The song is a beautiful reflection of life, self-discovery and resilience. The chorus invites listeners to focus on the present and be aware of life as it happens, “Don’t let the days go by, Open your beautiful eyes.”

Shark has been teasing the song on social media since the 8th of January, saying “I’m so excited for you to hear this song! I’m so excited to play it, the video is insane!

Song: You Love Who You Love

Artist: Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson has released her new single ‘You Love Who You Love’. This comes just before the release of her upcoming album ‘Venus’, due to drop February 9th. Larsson will be embarking on her ‘Venus’ tour across the UK and Europe to celebrate the release of her upcoming album.

Song: Good Time

Artist: Joan & The Giants

Joan & The Giants have released their latest single ‘Good Time’, which has immaculate summer vibes. The bands frontwoman says the song focuses on love.

…it’s the first time I’ve let myself get sexy and feel sexy in a song. I just love the way it makes me feel, and I hope it brings some good times to people.

You can hear this summer anthem live by grab some tickets to upcoming shows for P!nk and Tones & I, where Joan & The Giants will be a supporting act.

Song: Cyanide

Artist: STUMPS

Sydney trio STUMPS have released their song ‘Cyanide’ as part of the newest album ‘Arcadia’. The band has announced a national tour this year, in support of this new album. Starting April 5th, the tour will have shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Fremantle.

Song: Everything I Wanted

Artist: Ali Gate

Ali Gate has released an emotional breakup track, titled ‘Everything I Wanted’. The lyrics follow emotions of heartbreak after losing a partner who was “Everything I Wanted.” The lyrics portray a person struggling to move on, after they admit they are still in love with the person who broke up with them.

After all that’s happened, I just can’t believe that I’m still in love with you, you were everything I wanted

Song: The Best Part Of Breaking Up

Artist: Beks

Australian Pop artist Beks has launched her lates single ‘The Best Part Of Breaking Up’, using the song to help heal her heart after a breakup. The artist shares how songwriter Richard Rudolph helped her through this time:

I was a mess, physically and emotionally. But Richard, with his calm and experienced demeanor, not only assured me I’d be healed by the end of that day in the studio but that I would thrive beyond the suffering of rejection and bloom into greatness.

Song: Brand New Bitch

Artist: Asha Jefferies

Australian artist Asha Jefferies has released a new single ‘Brand New bitch’. This heartfelt indi-pop song came with the announcement of her debut album, EGO RIDE, which drops April 12th.

To celebrate the release of her upcoming album, Jefferies will be going on tour in April & May. Make sure to check out her socials for when tickets drop.

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