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Screen Time Reviews Wish

Screen Time returns this week with David’s thoughts on Disney’s latest film, Wish. Directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, the film features Ariana DeBose as the film’s protagonist Asha, and Chris Pine as the magnificent King Magnifico. 17 year old Asha (DeBose) dreams of being the apprentice to King Magnifico, a benevolent ruler who grants peoples wishes. When a wishing star falls to earth, Asha learns that everything is not as it seems.

The stand out song for David is “At All Cost,” the duet between Asha and King Magnifico.

“The duet “At All Cost” sung by Asha and Magnifico was lovely. Their voices were great, the emotion was strong and the atmosphere from the twirling orbs and the music was great. I would say this was one of the better songs in this film, if not the best.”

Unfortunately, some plot holes were too glaring for David to overlook.

“The whole time I thought [the story] was a little weird and perhaps not fleshed out. Why did Magnifico reveal the wishes so quickly, so easily? Do Asha’s friends have more than a basic personality? Why did a wish make some people depressed, others complacent and some were just completely normal but were unaware it seemed?”

All in all, while it wasn’t a bad movie, it wasn’t for David.

“The score was nice, the songs could be better. The animation was fine. The characters could be more fleshed out. There is hit or miss imagery.”