Screen Time Reviews Migration

This week on Screen Time David is reviewing Migration, the latest film from Illumination – the studio behind Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets, and The Lorax.
The Mallard family – Mack, Pam, Dax, Gwen, and Uncle Dan – make the decision to migrate from England to Jamaica. Along the way they face many challenges, including a storm, and a dangerous restaurant.

The standout animation for David was the environment. “We have varying environments, real places. They all look ridiculously good. It’s been a while since an animated film environment took my breath away.”

The film features the vocal talents of Kumal Nanjiani as Mack, Elizabeth Banks as Pam, Caspar Jennings as Dax, Tresi Gazal as Gwen, Danny Devito as Uncle Dan, as well as Awkwafina and Keegan Michael Key.

David rates it 8.5/10, saying that he loved it. “I loved this film. I loved the amount of detail in every scene. The characters were funny and likeable. The animation was of great quality and everything was adorable.”