Screen Time Reviews Aquaman: the Lost Kingdom

Screen Time is back! This time David is watching Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, starring Jason Momoa.
Directed by James Wan, The Lost Kingdom is the much-anticipated sequel to 2018’s Aquaman.

With it’s varied environments, comic-book action, and occasional quips, David likens it to an action adventure video game. “All the environments contributed to me thinking that this could have been a great video game. This movie’s environments appeal to Film nerds, game nerds and pop culture nerds. It was great.”

Family takes the forefront of the film, as Arthur Curry (Momoa) must work together with his estranged brother Orm (played by Patric Wilson) to defeat Black Manta.

David gives the film a solid 8.5/10, noting the jokes were good, and the action was fun.

“I loved Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Jokes good. The acting was great. The story was alright. The environments were crazy good. Cartoonish dumb fun. Would be sick as a game. I loved the family theme on top of the action packed awesomeness.”