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New Music Friday – 5 January 2024

Here’s some of the newest music added to TuneFM this week! Featuring artists such as Jessica Mauboy, Keenan Te, and Hollow Coves.

Song: Never Giving Up

Artist: Jessica Mauboy

Jessica Mauboy has given us a special glimpse into her upcoming album, “Yours Forever,” due to be released on February 9th. She released the third single, ‘Never Giving Up’, early as a heartfelt gesture, expressing her gratitude for the support she has received from her fans last year.

“This special release is a thank you for all of the wonderful support you have shown me this year. I am so grateful and can’t wait for you to hear all the new music from the record.”

On social media, Jessica Mauboy shares the importance of this song, saying it serves as a reminder “to ‘never give up’ on whatever it is you’re going through or working towards <3”.

Song: Scars (with Peder Elias)

Artist: Keenan Te, Peder Elias

Released late December, Keenan Te’s new song is about how loving someone is worth all the challenges that come with it. The lyrics emphasize the complexities of love, and the vulnerability that is needed to fully fall for someone, letting them ‘hold on to your heart.’

On their social media, the artists showcase how the song embodies the feeling of falling in love.

Keenan Te released the original version of this song in February of 2023, but after a duet of the song with Peder Elias went viral on TikTok, the artists teased and released this revamped version.

Song: Dreaming – Acoustic

Artist: Royston Noell

American Idol winner Royston Noell has released an intimate acoustic version of his second single, Dreaming. In the deeply personal song, the artist writes about when he made the choice to follow his sick mother’s advice and pursue his dreams, taking the leap and moving away from his home town.

Reflecting on his mother’s passing, he says “I think she’d be really proud, actually. I know she’s always with me. When I was on Australian Idol, I always asked her to protect me and make sure everything went well.”

Song: On The Way

Artist: Hollow Coves

The Australian duo Hollow Coves ended their 2023 with the release of a new song, ‘On The Way’. The song is a beautiful melody about venturing into the unknown, painting a picture of a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Alongside this release, the duo announced dates for their 2024 tour across north America and Europe, starting in march.

As we venture into 2024, this song is the perfect way to get motivated, serving as inspiring anthem for the year ahead.

Song: This Year

Artist: Nine Year Sister

Nine Year Sister’s latest release ‘This Year’ is the perfect summer anthem for the start of 2024. The artists say the song is about:

“…the excitement and buzz of a new year, a fresh start, and the endless possibilities that come with it.”

The pop/folk duo began writing songs in 2010, and have independently released 3 albums, their self-titled work ‘Nine Year Sister’, ‘A World Is Waiting’, and their latest album ‘Gold’.

Song: Unapologetic

Artist: Darlinghurst

The Australian country band Darlinghurst has released their newest single, after teasing it on social media. Titled ‘Unapologetic’, the song is true to its name, and focuses on being authentically and unapologetically yourself.

The band announced the departure of two of its members in early December last year, due to differing visions of the future. They released a statement saying they were proud of their collective achievements and thankful for fans ongoing support.

Song: Slipping in the Groove

Artist: Seeder

The Australian rock groove trio Seeder have released their latest album, ‘Slipping in the Groove’, featuring a song of the same name. The infectious rhythm of this track is the perfect backdrop for late night drives, and will be added to our night playlist.

The trio began in 1998, influenced by a variety of artists, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, and David Bowie, to name a few. After 15 years they have regrouped with a renewed energy to release their latest album.

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