Screen Time Reviews Journey to Bethlehem

Join David as he travels back to biblical times in the Christmas musical movie, Journey to Bethlehem. Directed by Adam Anders in his feature-length directorial debut, the nativity film follows Mary and Joseph, Antipater, and Herod. It features Milo Manheim as Joseph, Fiona Palomo as Mary, and Antonio Banderas as King Herod.

David found the movie entertaining and fun, particularly the song ‘Mary’s Getting Married.’ “All the choreo in Mary’s Getting Married had a good flow, many entertaining shots and an optimistic vibe that made you want to see where this goes. There was some complicated stuff in there and I would imagine even professionals would take at least 3 tries to get it all right.”

Mary was a particular standout, with David saying her performance, along with the Three Wise Men, Herod, and Mary’s father, were the best.

The acting, however, sometimes didn’t work for him. “The acting in this film was dramatic in every way. From when singing to out of singing it was all very dramatic. Perhaps too dramatic. Mainly because of the script itself. The dramatics just didn’t work with the script. I found the movie funny and the songs entertaining. But I found the acting at times somewhat jarring. It was good, too good sometimes but combining that with the script and the songs just made an awkward combination.”

Overall though, it was an entertaining, feel-good movie perfect for the holiday season.

“I loved the songs, I loved pretty much all the characters. It was funny enough. Yeah, I’d say a little corny. It was just a fun ride that I could watch again or make it a sort of Christmas thing.”