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Screen Time Reviews Napoleon

Directed and produced by acclaimed director Ridley Scott, Napoleon follows the rise and fall of the French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. Featuring Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role and Vanessa Kirby as his wife, the Empress Josephine.

The lavish set shows Napoleon’s rise to power. “We are seeing a man go from a moderately high position, to a ruler, then an emperor. This film and set show this man as rich, powerful, and with high status.”

Along with the lavish set is the war scenes. Cannons are used in nearly every battle scene. “If someone wasn’t getting cannoned, then some other slow motion related violence was happening in this film.”

“There is a fine line between action and trauma related scenes, this movie balances them quite well.”

Despite the wars and the lavish sets, there’s only two actors in this film. David explains, “What I mean is that no one else other than the main two really are around long enough to act anything to really notice.”

Josephine, one of the key characters in this film, feels hollow. “Josephine is hollow in the sense that she is just losing herself across this film. Napoleon slowly takes parts of her. [Vanessa Kirby] does this quite well throughout the film. It is sad to watch, but very impressive though.”

“Both Joaquin and Vanessa together are a great but depressing combination.”

While the actors were entertaining and the battle scenes enticing, it wasn’t for David. “I do love learning about history, but this film felt rushed and maybe incomplete.”