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Greens Walk Out of Senate in Protest

On the 6th of November, the Greens staged a Senate walkout during question time, in protest of the Albanese government’s stance on the conflict in Gaza.

Senator Shoebridge explains that the protest was only for that one day. “That was a walk out from question time and from that session in question time, and it reflected our disgust at the Albanese government’s refusal to call for a ceasefire.”

“We took the collective action to walk out. And indeed, we had discussed what our actions would be if the government refused to back in a ceasefire. And we took that collective decision if they wouldn’t back in a ceasefire to walk out and not to hear that repetition.”

Senator Shoebridge, in addition to calling for a ceasefire, has also called on the Australian public to support their loved ones who may be struggling during this time.

“If these are your friends or neighbours or your work colleagues or students, let them know that you care. Let them know that these deaths impact you and you’re concerned about their loss and their suffering and that of their community and just share that common empathy.”

“And it doesn’t matter where the border is. It doesn’t matter what the nationality is. Just kind of share that common humanity and I think that would be a pretty powerful starting point.”