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Rural Crime Symposium Coming Up at The End of November

In September we caught up with Dr Kyle Mulrooney to discuss the upcoming Rural Crime Symposium held at UNE. On the 29th of November, join the Centre for Rural Criminology for “Rural Crime, Justice and Disaster: Impacts, Response and Recovery.”

“This symposium explores the various types of disasters and how they impact rural areas, including pandemics, natural disasters, biosecurity, economic crises, and political turmoil. These events have significant effects on the social, environmental, and economic aspects of rural communities. The symposium’s focus is on the connection between these disasters and crime, with an emphasis on preventing, responding to, and recovering from them. By bringing together leading scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and interested parties, we hope to encourage collaboration and partnerships that will result in practical solutions with applicability in Australia and internationally.”

Kyle explains that one of the aims of the symposium is to cover a number of different angles of rural crime.

“We’ve got people looking at domestic violence within the context of disaster, drug use and drug policy, the types of harm perpetuated by large-scale corporations and these types of things that contribute to disaster, harm to animals in these types of contexts and the like.”

“So, it’s really striving to cover this again very broadly, but with that unique and specific attention to rurality and how these issues play out and impact within rural spaces and hence the focus there on prevention, response, but also recovery and again those will be very unique to how we approach that with a rural lens.”

Photo by Spencer Scott Pugh on Unsplash