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David Stevenson-Relf and Benjamin Bible on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Welcome to Behind the Curtain with Nick Troon the show where we sit down with theatre practitioners and get a backstage look at the creative process.

On today’s episode we talk about theatre in a slightly different sense as we sit down with David Stevenson-Relf (Cinema and Retail Manager for UNE Life) & Benjamin Bible (General Manager of Operations for UNE Life).

We’ll be talking about Belgrave Cinema’s upcoming screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a part of their Halloween @ Belgrave Cinema event, with discussions around the content of the film, it’s impact on the world around it and the experience of watching movies in a cinema atmosphere.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be playing at the Belgrave Cinema on Saturday the 28th October from 6:40pm, you can buy your tickets now from the Belgrave Cinema Website.

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