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Tenacious D’s Cover of ‘Wicked Game’ is no joke

By Ash Taylor

Tenacious D’s new release reminds us just how talented the duo are as musicians, taking us to new heights with their cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’.

Jack Black’s powerful vocals are supported by Kyle Gass’ melancholic guitar chords, perfectly encapsulating the haunting sound of Isaak’s original song. Though famous for their comedic rock songs (and the infamous cult classic, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny), Tenacious D have proven they aren’t all about laughs.

Hidden behind the lyrical jokes is genuine skill, and a passion for music. It can be hard to remember sometimes, with song titles like ‘Kickapoo’, ‘Master Exploder’, and ‘turd whistle’, that Jack Black and Kyle Gass are genuinely accomplished musicians.

Black exerts incredible vocal range and control – which can be seen throughout all of his songs but is sometimes overshadowed by the performance. Understandably so, as their songs are designed to be humorous and entertain.

Yet in their cover of ‘Wicked Game’, their skill is allowed to shine through.

Of course, it’s not Tenacious D without some irreverence. Naturally, the single’s cover is Jack Black and Kyle Gass frolicking in the sea clad in revealing swimwear, spoofing the original that featured supermodel Helena Christensen and Isaaks getting intimate at the beach. Classic.

The winning combination of the recordings unabashed sincerity, paired with the duo’s trademark comedic style have earned it five stars from this reviewer.

You can stream Tenacious D’s cover of ‘Wicked Game’ on Spotify and Youtube now!