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Discover French musician Lomepal, the artist who sails towards all horizons

Written by TuneFM Volunteer & French Exchange student, Flavie Dufour.

Indeed, after having released several albums, some of which have gone platinum and even gold, it is his latest album, Mauvais Ordre, that is to be rewarded.

However, Lomepal has taken a bit of a turn with his latest music. Coming from French rap roots, it can be observed that the rhythm and style adopted in his new album have changed. Lomepal has leaned more toward instruments like bass and drums, making his latest release a pop album.

Read on to find out why fans love his latest album!

Seeking authenticity

With his newer music, Lomepal leaves room for authenticity, adopting a more minimalist style using fewer sound effects such as auto-tune than in previous compositions.

Usually, audiences are familiar with hearing him rap about strong themes such as violence, and passionate and dramatic love, here we can also hear him talk about shared social experiences of self-doubt and loneliness making him more relatable.

Using fiction to address current difficulties

In the magazine Interlude, it is explained that one of his songs, Mauvais Ordre is the story of a character who can’t get along with others and only feels good when he is alone.

Indeed, if you listen to some of the tracks, such as Maladie Moderne, À Peu Près, or Mauvais Ordre, you can see that one of the main themes of this album is about him experiencing difficulty being comfortable and on the same page with others.

In the album, Lomepal seems to create a fictional character who speaks to everyone. A character who has difficulty identifying himself and understanding his emotions. And that’s why this album is such a success in French-speaking countries because the lyrics relate to issues that anyone could experience.

Lomepal has taken a closer look at current discussions in which the feeling of solitude and the need to understand oneself are subjects of great interest today. For example, Maladie Moderne reflects on this idea of feeling out of place, “I have a power like superman, yeah-yeah I’m super comfortable when I’m super lonely” which underlines the character’s uneasiness to be happy in his social life.

Same roots but with innovation

In general, this album still has French rap roots, expressing strong emotions and using French rap codes. But we can see that the artist is trying new things by composing softer and more melancholic songs, and belonging to the indie pop genre as we can hear in Crystal which has a less intense rhythm for example.

Between the styles of rap and pop, everyone will find something to relate to, as long as you like the surprising and melancholic style of Lomepal.