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8 LGBTQIA+ artists you should be streaming

Blog by Sianna Madigan | Student Engagement Coordinator

We’re now in June, and for many people that means a lot more than just early sunsets, lit fireplaces, and layered outfits; for many people, June is all about Pride! Pride Month is a time for living authentically, reflecting on the past, acting for the future, and (above all) celebrating the community.

As a radio station, one major way we like to represent and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community is by playing their songs! So, with that in mind, this year in honour of Pride Month we’ve put together a list of eight LGBTQIA+ artists you should be streaming rn.

Rina Sawayama

If you haven’t heard her Grammy-nominated debut SAWAYAMA, then you are missing out! The album seamlessly blends several genres and styles throughout and has been described by critics as ‘pioneering’. If you are yet to enter into the Rina Sawayama musical universe, then now is the time, as she is set to release a new album this year.


The American singer-songwriter is known for his vocals and interweaving themes of LGBTQIA+ activism throughout his musical catalogue. Wrabel’s 2021 album, these words are all for you, is “…a collection of pages torn from my diary — stories and truths, like an autobiography of sorts”.


Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin and Naomi McPherson met in college and started making music together, and we sure are the better for it. Saves The World, their 2019 album, is a self-reflective “thoughtful electro-pop-rock” record and dissects the depths of their individual fears and shortcomings.

Big Freedia

Dubbed “the bounce Queen of New Orleans”, Big Freedia is known for her popularisation of the underground hip hop style, ‘bounce’. She has worked with industry legends, including Beyonce, Drake and Lizzo and is always taking her career to new heights. Big Freedia is certainly one to watch.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is an Australian- South African artist, who rose to fame on YouTube. You might recognise him from his viral Architectural Digest interview, but if not, you’ve probably heard his music. Throughout his career, Troye has worked with high calibre producers, like Jack Antonoff, and has released two albums to much acclaim.

Peach PRC

If you have a TikTok account then, a few months ago, you probably had the lyrics to Josh stuck in your head for days (which, as problems go, is a pretty good one to have). Peach has achieved success in the charts without ever releasing an album, each of her singles being streamed millions of times. Her caustic song lyrics are overset with saccharine pop melodies, so it’s easy to understand why she has been described as “bubble-gum with razor blades in it.”


The ARIA nominated singer, is best known for their 2018 album Native Tongue and single of the same title. The album explores themes of culture and identity, giving listeners a personal glimpse into Mo’Ju’s Wiradjuri and Filipino roots. Described by reviewers as “career-defining” and as a “turning point in… the ways in which Australian songwriters are telling their personal stories”, Native Tongue is certainly worth a listen.

Orville Peck

Orville Peck has been around for a while now but has recently stepped even further into the spotlight, after his song Dead of Night was featured in the wildly popular television series, Euphoria. Orville Peck has revitalised country music, penning cinematic and atmospheric songs, with deeply considered and interesting story elements that transport listeners back to an age before ‘country-pop’ took over the scene.


We hope that in shining a light on these artists you’ve discovered, or re-discovered, some tracks worthy of a place on your playlists, not only for Pride, but beyond. After all, it doesn’t have to be Pride month to listen to good music.


To hear these artists and more, tune in to Tune at 106.9FM throughout Pride Month, or listen via our online web player.

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