Interview with Kyle Mulrooney

To many, the words “farm crime” might sound like the absurd title of a comedy movie.

But to thousands of farmers around Australia, it’s a very serious problem – and quite a widespread problem according to a recent report that surveyed farmers from around the country. Not only is the problem widespread, it’s also underreported. Farmers have often felt that there isn’t anyone who can understand and help them.

So, what is farm crime exactly? How does it impact farmers and their communities? And how do we stop it?

Jake was lucky enough to be joined for an interview over Zoom by UNE Lecturer Kyle Mulrooney, whose area of expertise is farm crime, to discuss the recent report and its ramifications. Listen to the podcasted version of the interview below to hear more about this report, remarkably accomplished in the midst of the COVID pandemic, and what it tells us about the impact of farm crime in Australia today.



Kyle Mulrooney is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at UNE, and is also the Vice President of the International Society for the Study of Rural Crime. His recent research has explored how aspects of cultural geography and locational context impact upon the types, incidences and responses to crime and access to related services.