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Happy Privacy Week!

This week is Privacy Awareness Week in New South Wales, and Jake was lucky enough to sit down with UNE Law lecturer Mark Perry to discuss what Privacy Week is all about and what online privacy means for students.

It’s a hot topic issue right now as the world becomes more and more aware of how our information is stored and used by governments and corporations online.

Google, for instance, is facing millions of dollars in fines in Australia after the Federal Court found that it misled Australian mobile and tablet users about how it collects location data – all before Google suffered several data breaches, putting users’ data at risk.

Privacy Awareness Week is here to remind us all to check our privacy settings, and be aware of when our data is being collected and why. Anything you do on the internet is monitored by somebody – it’s important to know who is watching and what they are using that information for.

Check out the podcast of the interview below, and check out the Moodle pages for information on how UNE is celebrating Privacy Awareness Week!