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BFF Bucket-list Before You Go to University

With universities starting soon, it might be a good idea to make some awesome last-minute memories with your hometown friends before starting your next chapter in life. Here are the top ten things to do with your friends before starting university.



1. Take a good group photo.

To take a photo like this could create a priceless memento to take with you. Once you take the photo, put it in a nice frame to give to everyone else. A great goal even could be to get the same group of you in the same spot after you graduate university.



2. Share a Bing- Worthy Movie or TV show day.

Get your friends together for the night and binge watch something that everyone enjoys or it could be something no one has seen.


3. Have a Dinner Party.

While ordering pizza is fine for most get-togethers, but this time why not have a good old fashion dinner party with your best mates. It will be fun creating a centerpiece, putting together a table setting, and either help cook a meal together or suggest a bit of pot luck. Ask everyone to dress up just a bit nicer than usual and don’t forget to make that dinner party playlist!


4. See a movie you are haven’t seen in theatres.

With all the movie streaming services available, it is easy to stay at home and watch a film. However, why not gather all your pals and head out to the movie theatre for the experience. Go all out, get the popcorn, get some sweets, and even a drink.


5. Plan out and Go on a Road Trip.

Going on a road trip is almost a right of passage for young adults. To be able to get in the car and driving off to someplace new hours away, music blaring, and windows rolled down is the most freeing feeling any young adult can feel.


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6. Make a Time Capsule.

Have each friend bring one item that represents their high school experience. Put them all into a box, tape it shut, and have a parent hold on to it for safekeeping. In ten to twenty years from now, the group can gather again to open the box and be reminded of their high school days.


7. Make a special playlist.

Every time a song comes on the radio and you think this is totally our song add it to the playlist. By the time it’s time to head to university, you should have a decent list of songs that remind you of you mates from home.


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8. Do a paint and sip wine event.

You might have heard about the creative event where you learn how to paint all while sipping on a glass of wine. Gather all your best mates, find a paint and wine event near you and go have an absolute fun time learning how to paint while having a sip of wine.


9. Create a BFF hashtag.


These days we are all obsessed with social media and with visualizing our lives through Instagram. For this one, you can get really creative to create a unique set of hashtags that relate to you and your friends. This way, you can update each other in a special way, almost like a secret code!



10. Have a picnic in nature.

A super chill and delicious activity for your bucket list could include getting your friends together for a picnic. This could be in a park, by the rocks, or even at a nearby beach. Remember to bring along your favorite snacks, some simple fun games, and of course a rocking playlist!