Glass Tree Frogs

New Mating Practices: Waving and High Pitch Noises!

In the animal kingdom, different species vary how they communicate with future mates. Well, the new way to attract your next mate is to wave and croak in a high pitch.

Researchers from the University of California -Berkely have discovered that the glass frog “Sachatamina Orejuela” can be added to the list of species that make use of the visual cues in response to their environment.

Sachatamina Orejuela glass frogs are native to the rainforests of Ecuador and Columbia. They are especially unique as they are found on rocks and boulders near waterfalls. Being near the rushing water and wet surfaces protect them from predators and their green-grey with transparent skin help them to blend in with their surrounding environments.

Upon doing in the field researching, they discovered that this glass frog species has a high pitch call that they make that helps them communicate over the sound of their environment. Furthermore, the frogs wave not only their hands but also their feet to further their chances of being noticed when finding a mate.

Well, this sounds like quite a lot of work, so we should all be happy we are able to communicate with words.


Interested to see this in action, check out this video!




For more information on this study, go to the UC Berkley Website.