David Paul Photo

Orientation Interview – Dr David Paul (COSC110)

Kim and Ben were joined in the studio by Dr David Paul, a Senior Lecturer in computational science here at UNE.

Dr Paul is a computer scientist with a specific interest in service-orientated computing, the internet and distributed systems, security and privacy, teaching and education, and the newly created ASKBill prediction system. The ASKBill prediction system is something that piqued our interest and Dr Paul was only too happy to elaborate on it for us.

Dr Paul teaches COSC110 – Introduction to Programming and the UNIX Environment. This unit provides foundation knowledge for the study of computer science, introducing techniques for computer program development using a high-level programming language. Dr Paul stressed to us how essential this unit was for students studying a Bachelor of Computer Science and implored all students to try their absolute hardest to achieve a high result. The unit places a high emphasis on a structured approach for solving complex problems by developing and implementing algorithms that break down into their component tasks and procedures. More information on this tremendous unit can be found here.

This interview is part of a series of Orientation Interviews, designed to make first-year students feel more at ease and reassured about what they can expect at UNE. Starting out at University can be highly overwhelming and we want to make sure that we do everything we can to ensure that students feel as comfortable as possible.

Any students with concerns or worries over starting university and taking this unit this trimester can contact Dr Paul directly via email at dpaul4@une.edu.au or by phone at 02 6773 2447. His full academic profile can be found here.