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Habitica: an app that makes motivation fun!

Jake found a thing. And now, half of Tune is addicted.

Habitica is an app and browser-based to-do list and habit tracker that turns your daily grind into a fantasy RPG. You boost your character’s stats, gain better weapons and equipment and battle monsters and bosses by ticking things off your daily to-do lists.

It’s pretty fun, immersive and addictive, which makes staying motivated all the easier. But even better: it’s good as an essential to-do list.

The app separates your tasks into:
– Habits, which can be either positive or negative. You tick these off as many times as you like, to help you build good habits and break bad ones.
– Dailies, which repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
– To-dos, which are one-off tasks that you need to complete by a specific date.

The structure is straightforward to work with, and with the bonus of rewards and stakes as part of your RPG adventure, it’s super easy and fun to stay accountable.

You can add challenges to your to-do lists, go on quests to fight bosses and monsters, collect pets and mounts, all by sticking to a routine that works for you.

With the new Trimester fast approaching, we here at Tune would highly recommend giving Habitica a try! You can find it at, or download it from the App Store.

Happy questing!


Image via Habitica.