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Study101: Special Consideration

Figuring out what to do when something goes wrong with your study can be a minefield of rules, procedures, and forms. Fortunately as well as the people at UNE’s Student Support, UNE students have access to an independent advocacy service called Advocacy & Welfare to help us figure out what to do and how to do it. We asked Tom from Advocacy & Welfare to break down what Special Consideration is when it applies and what to do if you need to apply for it.

Exams are here. You’ve worked all through Trimester and studied hard for the exams. Suddenly, something bad happens in your life. And it looks like all of that hard work is in jeopardy. What can you do?

Unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances can really impact your study and exam results. Special consideration takes into account these circumstances during marking.

When Does It Apply?

You can apply for special consideration when your performance during exams was affected due to personal circumstances beyond your control. Examples of unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances are medical or health-related, family or relationship problems, employment or work-related circumstances.

If Special Consideration is granted, it will only provide a maximum of 3 extra marks to your final grade for the unit. If you were unable to sit an exam or were severely affected when writing it, consider applying for a Special Examination instead.

Remember, your circumstances must have been beyond your control! Drinking too much the night before is not a medical reason, and forgetting you agreed to extra hours at work this week does not count either.

When Do You Need To Apply?

Your special consideration application must be submitted no later than 5 working days after your last exam.

What Do You Need To Apply?

To apply for special consideration you have to fill out this form

You must attach supporting documentation such as a medical certificate, police report or SES report. Applications without supporting documents will not be considered.

You must also attach a personal statement which outlines your request. It will help if you include a little detail about your situation.

Once you have done all this, submit your application via AskUNE. You may also fax or mail your application: details are on the form.

Our Tips

  • Attach as much relevant supporting documentation as possible
  • In your personal statement, disclose as much detail as you are comfortable with. Simply saying you want Special Consideration is not enough. You need to give them a reason why and explain how it affected your academic performance
  • Read the form carefully! It outlines what will not be a sufficient reason for special consideration. It also outlines what your medical certificates must include
  • In such a stressful time, use your support networks. Don’t forget UNE has a free counseling service for students: Phone (02) 6773 2897 for an appointment.

How Advocacy & Welfare Can Help

Uni4Me is a free and confidential student advocacy service. We are here for any issues you may experience as a student. Special Consideration applications are just one of the things that we deal with frequently. Our door is always open to discuss any part of the process you do not understand. We can also review your application, including your personal statement before you submit, or give you guidance on what supporting documentation you may need.

You can visit us just across the courtyard from Café Life, phone us on 02 6773 2506, or email us at Our website also has lots of great information