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TuneFM and UNE Life release a must-listen, educational podcast

TuneFM has brought its unique style of storytelling to audiences’ ears with a brand-new educational podcast. Whether you already have an established interest in plastic pollution, are curious to learn about it or aren’t yet sure if it’s an issue worthy of your attention, the Plastic: The Last Straw podcast is for you.

The podcast shares fascinating research from around the world, with a special focus on Australia, in a way that’s accessible to everyone. Every episode is informed by experts, innovators and campaigners who have first-hand experiences and understandings of the field.

Plastic: The Last Straw has been created in partnership with The NSW Environment Protection Authority and will be available as a four-part mini-series in monthly instalments via all major streaming sites, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Each episode is themed around a core topic- from the environment to human health- which our narrator explores by interweaving the first-hand accounts of our expert speakers with current research and statistics.

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Tania Court, the Student Experience Manager at UNE Life, said “We’re proud to launch a brand-new podcast featuring experts from the UNE community and beyond. Each episode brings in the leading voices from a range of topics related to plastic pollution and offers an exciting perspective. We hope that Plastic: The Last Straw will not only inform people but also encourage them to follow the EPA plastic bans and support researchers and innovators who are trying to find solutions to plastic pollution.”

Plastic: The Last Straw launched on the 23rd of September and the first two episodes are available for streaming.

Plastic: The Last Straw was created by TuneFM and UNE Life as part of the EPA’s sustainability partnerships program. It is a TuneFM production. The producer was Sianna Madigan.


For more information contact Sianna Madigan, smadiga3@une.edu.au