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We are committed to helping you reach your ultimate goals. By joining our internship program, you’re snapping up the most perfect opportunity to amp your studies and build your resume whilst at University. 

If you love listening to music, learning new skills or just want to get involved on OR off campus and meet people. You don’t need experience in radio or media – we’re going to teach you the ropes! 

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The FAQs about our internship program

Who is the ideal Tune!FM intern?

The ideal Tune!FM intern is fun and reliable, near the end of their degree and looking to build a portfolio of non-academic content in their discipline area.

They are looking for ways to gain and demonstrate communication skills relevant to a wide range of jobs.

Who is an eligible participant?

You must be;

  • A current student (including HDR students) at the University of New England for the duration of the program. 
  • MUST have completed one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. 
  • Have achieved a credit GPA in the year leading up to the application 
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills

For participants who reside outside of Armidale;

  • Have access to an iPhone or iOS device. It may be able to be loaned. 
  • Have reliable internet access. Time requirements 
  • Participants must be available one day a week during 9 am – 5 pm and one evening every four weeks for a skill-building workshop. 
  • Selection Process 
  • The selection of candidates will be through a written application and interview. 

How many hours is an internship?

Time requirements

Participants must be available for 8-10 hours a week during 9 am – 5 pm (on Tuesday – Saturday) and one Monday evening every four weeks for a 2 hour skill-building workshop.



What does an internship look like?

The program is broken down into six four-week blocks, with one week at the beginning and end of the program for induction/wrap up.

Each four-week block has a development “theme.”

Each theme has one online workshop to attend and recommended Udemy courses that the participant can use to develop their skills.

Can I get any points for my studies?

Yes. You can build your New England Award Points.

Participants will receive the following points for participation in the internship. Points are awarded every week as attended.

Category 1 – Extra Curricular Learning

  • Monthly Workshops – 2-4 hours (6 x 20 points) 120
  • Optional Udemy Courses – 2-4 hours (6 x 25 points) 150

Category 2 – Professional Development

  • Writing portfolio / LinkedIn / social media (discipline specific) (26 x 20 points) 520

Category 3 – Contribution to the University

  • Announcing tasks (26 x 15 points) 390